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Apostille Services

Our company offers Apostille services for personal and corporate documents, diplomas, certifications and other important deeds and documents.


  • Apostille services for documents submitted and picked up in the office: 13 000 HUF+VAT
  • Apostille services for documents submitted to the office and delivered to a Budapest address: 16 000 HUF + VAT
  • Apostille services for documents picked up and delivered from/to a Budapest address: 19 000 HUF + VAT

The above fees include the administration fees of the notary public certificate.

The above fees are exclusive of the payable governmental and notary public costs.

Apostille fees:

  • MOKK (Hungarian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries) 5000 HUF
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs 5500 HUF
  • Ministry of Justice 5000 HUF
  • Notary public fee 1500 HUF/page

We also offer our services to clients located outside Budapest. In this case the preferred payment method is cash on delivery.  Administration fee: 13 000 HUF+ postage

If at the same time multiple documents are submitted for Apostille services the fee shall be independent from the number of submitted documents.