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Linguarium Ltd. undertakes translations from Hungarian into:
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Polish
    and vice versa.

1. What kind of services do we provide?

- Translation of common and specialised texts
- Translation of web pages
- Everyday business correspondence
- Copy-editing on request

2. Why do we think that you are taking the right decision by choosing our agency?

- We can be reached every day of the week.
- Our office is easily accessible at the heart of the city.
- We work fast, with high standards, and reliably.
- We treat information confidentially.
- We archive data for purposes of further rectifications.
- Our translations reach the customer only following a strict double-check.
- We offer free delivery in case of larger orders.
- We apply extremely convenient prices!
- We can also offer discounts for frequent customers.

And what is more:
- We apply preferential prices for the translation of larger documents!
- In case of everyday correspondence in a foreign language, we forbear from applying urgency overcharges.
- We have solutions for every request.

3. What specialties do we translate?

- Electricity, engineering
- Electrical installations
- Electric standards
- Information technology
- Electronic control, power electronics
- Telecommunications, GSM
- Automatics, equipment technology
- Railway electricity
- Building services engineering
- Electricity in buildings
- Fire prevention
- Property protection equipment and systems
- Environmental protection
- Materials handling, logistics
- Integrated corporate management systems
- Balance sheets, annual reports, statements
- Commercial contracts, corporate agreements
- Business correspondence
- Product catalogues, etc.

4. What are our terms for the translations?

- There is a minimum fee for the translations, equal with the price of one page.
- Our normal time limit is 4 working days, respectively 5 pages/working day, fees are negotiated in case of special requests.
- The day when the order is placed and the last day of the time limit are not part of the undertaken time limit.
- Our prices include quality control in case of every commission.

5. How our prices are determined?

We determine our prices based on the number of characters calculated by Microsoft Word 2000. (The number of characters can be displayed by accessing the Tools/ Word Count/ Characters (with spaces) menu. An average A4 page usually contains 1,500 characters.